We've been in the news (a lot)!

On Monday evening April 4th, The Museum of Political Corruption held two marvelous events: a Roundtable Discussion and Public Forum on Political Corruption, and a "Meet and Greet" Reception and Fundraiser for The Museum of Political Corruption.  Guest speakers included:

--Frank Anechiarico, Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law, Hamilton College, author of 

The Pursuit of Absolute Integrity: How Corruption Control Makes Government Ineffective 

– Blair Horner, Executive Director, New York Public Interest Research Groupm 

– Zephyr Teachout - Associate Professor of Law, Fordham University, author of Corruption in America 

– Jimmy Vielkind, POLITICO, New York's Albany 

Bureau Chief 

– Moderator: Thomas Bass, Professor of English and Journalism at SUNY Albany

Our Round table Discussion and Public Forum on Political Corruption was a Great Success! ​


The Museum of Political Corruption, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan institution, is committed to empowering the public by offering a better understanding of political corruption, detailing its history, and encouraging solutions that promote ethics reform and honest government.

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